Computational Text Analysis and Historical Change – September Conference at Humlab

As one of the first research activities linked to the project Welfare State Analytics, project members Erik Edoff and Fredrik Norén are arranging an international conference at Humlab, Umeå University: “Computational Text Analysis and Historical Change” on September 4–6. The starting point of this interdisciplinary event is as follows: Considering the possibility to process large amounts of text data through methods such as probabilistic topic models or word embeddings, how can historical transformations of culture and society be empirically measured in novel ways? The conference will have five keynote speakers: Sarah Allison (Loyloa University),Jo Guldi (Southern Methodist University), David Mimno (Cornell University), Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Lancaster University) and Mikko Tolonen (University of Helsinki). If you are interested in attending – contact or The full program can be found here: